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Run to Raton how to have a good motorcycle event

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Take the Run to Raton that was top shelf excellent add politics! Let the city take it over and they can get rid of a well established preparty that had camping on site so every body could walk back to their tent after the party and replace it with a preparty that was on the other side of the railroad tracks that required riding around 3/4 of a mile to get to and back stoned. With just this one change they pulled it down from wonderful to very good then they moved all the events off site so that I could stand in a fenced off area with no shade or seating to have a beer drug it down a little more. No organized rides pulled it a little lower, half as many porta potties in camp, anyway I think you get the idea I'll go next year but it has lost its premier status.

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Yea, the city got further involved and put a damper on our fun. Maybe after hearing our suggestions JP and his dad can change it up fer next year. It's such a great ride thru the mountains and canyons that I would go agin

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