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BTSV timer/circuit breaker timing pointers?

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I've been trying to time the timer/circuit breaker, (which I have previously erroneously referred to as a distributor) but not sure I'm doing it correctly.

It's a 37 UL with what I believe to be a ServiCar timer/circuit breaker. I have been trying to do it by the instructions in both the service manual and Palmer's book but not sure I'm getting it right...... It starts and sputters briefly before shutting off. Lots of popping out of the exhaust, and very hesitant when rolling onto the throttle which leads me to believe it's not timed right.

Here's what I've been trying:
I roll the flywheels forward until both valves on the front jug are closed, then keep turning the engine forward until the timing mark on the FW is visible in the timing hole and then just slightly more forward until the FW timing mark is just forward or slightly to the left of the timing hole in the left crankcase.

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So, that should get you pretty close. The book calls for the mark to be dead center in the timing window. But, to a point, changing the static timing on a flathead is like just moving the power curve up and down the rpm range. Retarded moves power to the lower end of the rpm scale, slightly more advanced moves it up in the rpm scale. Your symptoms could well be carburetion. As a point of reference, the timing plug window is about 7degrees from one side to the other.

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Thanks Dick. I kept playing with timing the engine and gave the carburetor some love, taking it apart and cleaning it. I'm running a CV carb from a 1200 EVO Sporty.

Not sure what I did but it seems to be running better after playing with the timing and going through the carb, it was fairly crusty inside.

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