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Wheel / Tire repair??

Post Sun Mar 13, 2016 1:57 am

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Hi all,

Been a while, busy with work... military missions and life in general.

But I need some assistance in finding a shop in the Portland Oregon area that would be able to remove old tires from the aluminum wheels that I intend to use on my 1958FL project.

I should add, that this year when we return, we will be arriving in late June, and will be "house-hunting" my time as a helicopter technician for the Army will be coming to a close. We will be there for 3 weeks and I would like to get as much done on the project as possible.

Dan Baisley, has the bottom end for rebuild, and I already have the cylinders fitted for NOS .010 oversize pistons, and Don Sullivan has repaired the heads for me.

Rebuilt transmission, and generator overhauled, and the M-74B is overhauled with tips and advice from Tom Cotten.........and I must also give Dr. Dick the credit for assisting me in the generator with the many tips he has given. The 65A generator is build using the NOS 6volt armature and 12 volt field coils.....and I am sure it will be ready for a long trouble free life. All this is ready for install, and I am stoked!!

What I need done is:

Remove old tires from wheels
Bead blast wheels to bare aluminum, and clear coat them
Install new tires and balance the assemblys

I have attempted google searchs and have sent several emails, but as of yet no response.

Any tips would be most welcome.


George Greer

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