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Leaking Linkert

Post Sun Jun 19, 2016 10:36 am

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I recently posted a question on another forum about a problem I was having with a Linkert M-74B carburetor. I bought this carb a few months ago, and took it all apart for cleaning, and replaced the brass float with a Durable float that I got from Cotten. After running the carb for a couple of months I discovered that it was leaking gas. At first I thought it was because the float bowl wasn't tight enough, but the real problem was the the float had come loose and was in contact with the bowl stem, thereby keeping the float valve from closing completely.

To check that there was interference between the float and the bowl stem, Cotten advised using a dry erase marker on the protruding parts of the bowl stem: along the shafts for both needles and galleries -- anywhere that the float might contact the bowl stem. After applying the marker, attach the float bowl, and turn the whole assembly upside down a few times. If there is any contact, you will see a bare spot where what you have marked has rubbed off.

Using that technique I found that the float was making contact and adjusted the float to prevent that from happening. The carb is installed again, and after sitting all night with the bowl filled, no leaks and no seeps.

I thought I would share the image that Cotten sent, and publicly thank him in this forum. Thank you, Tom!
Dry erase marker on bowl stem
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