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Jetting Super E and possible gasahol issues

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I have a 1980 AMF Harley Davidson FXE Super Glide 1200 cc shovel head which I bought new in 1980. Tells you how old I am.

I have recently done a bit of renovation on this bike including some mild engine work and a front belt drive conversion. I have also swapped a 20 year old S&S Super B carb for a brand new S&S Super E carb. The engine was bored .010" and an Andrews S grind cam was installed, and the compression ratio was upped to 9.5:1, so the engine is more or less stock. With these changes the bike was running well with a 29.5 intermediate jet and a 68 main jet in the old Super B. Can I assume that I can install the same jetting combination in the Super E and expect the bike to run pretty good? I haven't road tested the bike yet, but I did start it in order to set the idle mixture and idle speed screws. At 1000 rpm, the idle mixture screw is set at 1 3/16 turn (following the S&S instruction manual) out from closed and the bike idles fine. I set the accelerator pump screw at 1/2 turn out from closed. Road testing ought to determine whether these settings are close enough.

There was one other thing which I did not consider when swapping to the Super E: will the rubber parts in the accelerator pump be negatively affected by 10% ethanol gasoline? That's all I can get here. (Can you guess what state I'm in?) I don't know what type of rubber the little blue O-ring on the ejector nozzle is made of. Can anyone tell me that it is impervious to ethanol-doped gasoline?

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I took the bike out on the road today. Runs fine except I had to open up the accelerator pump screw to 3/4 turn. Starts well, runs well.

One of the nagging problems which I had with the Super B was hard starting at intermediate engine heat. The Super B started well when the bike was absolutely cold, and usually started when the bike was at operating temp. As expected, the accelerator pump on the Super E makes starting easy at any time. After sitting for an hour , one squirt and the bike started immediately. That is what I was looking for.

Still don't know if the rubber accelerator pump parts will hold up to ethanol-doped gasoline, though. I figure time will tell.

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I've had several super E on a stock or nearly stock 74ci as well as 80 and 93ci Shovelhead and 1 Knucklehead engine. All them have performed GREAT. Some have well over 100K miles. The Super E has performed well on all. Tried and proven. As with anything, they do better with a little TLC from time to time.

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