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Primary Issues with Rubber Mount EVO's

Post Sun Sep 28, 2014 10:09 am

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Hello all, I have what is probably a lame question, but I have not found any answers yet.

I recently bought a new-fangled 1998 Dyna Lowrider with only 9500 miles on it. I know the original owner and it was meticulously maintained and cared for. The first couple of hundred miles I put on it were uneventful, then I had a knocking feeling through the pegs when I hit a bump. A quick inspection revealed the front motor mount was loose, so I tightened the bolts and checked for other loose bolts and found none. Fast forward 100 miles, I did some highway riding and ran it up to around 90 for a short stretch, after that I had a noticable new vibration at low speeds and idle on the way home. Checked over everything and things were all tight and when I restarted the bike, the vibration was gone.

A week later, I'm coming home from work and I wound it up a bit and just when I was about to grab second a wicked vibration went through the bike, I let off and everything seemed fine but I decided to go straight home and start tearing things apart. Little did I know the Inner Primary decided to separate itself from the engine cases and in a left turn I dumped the primary lube on the rear tire.... woooooo hoooo

In a total coincedence, a freind had the same thing happen to him with a 95 FLT on the same weekend. What the heck is the issue here?? This is the first and probably last rubber mounted H-D I will bother with, but what is the cause for this? I should be able to thump on it once in awhile without an issue. I have not torn the bike down yet, I'm still not talking to her, but my Freinds FLT had some serious damage to the engine cases.

Any thoughts or ideas on this problem would be greatly appreciated.
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