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Well, you can blame the law for that. There is no legal concept of "too small to be relevant", so companies can and do, produce limited numbers of items to protect copyright and patents, buy and sell "companies" whose only real function is to maintain ownership of trademarks, and all the rest of the legal fol-de-rol that goes on. Small, privately owned businesses tend to become unwanted beneficiaries of this sort of thing, because you either defend ALL attempts to make unlicensed use if your intellectual property, or you concede the precedent..

I believe it's called "free enterprise capitalism" and is reputed to be quite popular in some parts of the world.

You COULD try the Chinese approach, of totally disregarding any sort of intellectual property rights, and copying anything you fancy with no patents, licensing or copyright at all, subject to State control which in practice, takes almost no interest in the matter. This works particularly well if you haven't paid the original development costs.
Shoot, a man could have a good weekend in Dallas with all that stuff...

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Any lawyer worth his salt could write a contract to allow small shops to use the trademark in certain situations in exchange for the advertising and they would stand no chance of losing the copy rite. It's just easier to attack everyone.
I wish you would stay on one side or the other of the argument you started!

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Its not really an arguement, Dusty!

Its just two very different perspectives.
45Brit sees it as it is, and I see it as it was.

Without honoring honest History, free enterprise and public domain are lost for the future.



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