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The International Space Station

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Post Wed Nov 29, 2017 6:55 pm
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I got the chance to take a short video of the international space station passing over my area in Ohio last night. Darkness had just settled over the area when it came into view from the southwest. It was only in view for about two minutes when it went below the horizon to the northeast. Anyhow I thought it was pretty cool to catch it on video. I had seen it once before several years back but this was the first time I was prepared for it. For being approximately 220 miles above the earth, its average speed of 17,227 mph does not provide a very long time in viewing it. Please ignore the shaking camera lens. It is difficult to maneuver around on a cane and film at the same time. As the space station quickly travels to an overhead position in relation to me, I lose it for a few seconds until I can turn around 180 degrees to pick it back up. Video link below.

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