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Early scout frame rake angle

Post Tue Mar 17, 2015 3:51 pm

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Does any one know the correct rake for the short frame scout? (1920 - 28)

I measure 23* but thats on a bent frame !

I have emailed all the big names , even ken fox wall of death , he reakons all his scouts are slightly different no doubt because of the stress.
To this date , no one has an answer .

its well known that the 1928 101 had a longer frame , lower seat position and more rake.
but how much more ?

The WLA has 23* rake , 2015 Ninja has 23.5* rake , plenty of modern sports bikes are in that region .

Any info appreciated

** turns out to be 25 degrees for scout and 101 . 1939 Indian newsletter states the 1940 season , all bikes get new frame rake , which turns out to be 27 degrees as shown in the 1944 chief blue print on virtual indian site

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