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Coil and Condenser Tester Snap-0n MT-335

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Post Tue Dec 01, 2015 8:45 am

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I have a Snap-on MT-335 Coil and Condenser tester. It is a vintage tester that last appeared in a Snap-on calalog back in 1980.
Does anyone have the instructions for this tester, better yet a way to get it repaired? Have contacted Snap-on customer service and they both no longer service this equipment and do not know of a company that does. I have a boatload of questionable Coils both 12V and 6V and would like to get some of these back into service. Would appreciate any feedback from someone with experience on coil testing.
Have also heard of a Graham Lee tester that may also work (model 51 or model 31smxh). Thanks

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Thanks Chris, Didn't know the Snap-on site existed, and have joined the Forum. Still looking for either an on line copy of the instructions or someone that can send me a copy. I understand there are many of these MT-335 testers out there. The equipment is not that complex but still would like to have the instructions.

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Joined the Snap-on Forum but have not gotten any responces. Would like to get in touch with some one familiar with a MT-335. I can hook it up as the instruction on the tester say, but can't get a constant spark. Snap-on customer care is much help either.

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The tester used by H-D was made by Weidenhoff and was the Duo Gap Tester.

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