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WANTED-usable 6 volt battery case

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Post Mon Oct 07, 2002 11:49 pm

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Anyone out there have a wasted/used up 6 volt battery? I am looking for the stock H-D tall black style,I saw one on here that was hollowed out and a smaller 6 volt battery put inside.I want to keep the 12v electrics on my Pan but want it to look stock, I have aquired a sealed 12v battery(not sure if its a gel cell or a dry cell as I cannot find a vent on it anywhere)from an --- (don't want to mention the three letter "E" word here) It fits in the metal adapter battery box that you have to use when you run the small 12v battery on the early big twins. So I figured I'd hollow out an old 6v and use the case instead!!! I will pay for the battery and all shipping, I'll even send you the box to ship it in. Drop me a line at or visit me at Thanks in advance, and of course I'll send every one pics of the finished product.

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