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Flat track U.K. 2018

Post Mon May 28, 2018 3:27 am

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So, it’s that time of year again and the flat track season is with us.

Round 1 of the National Championships at Kings Lynn was a VERY mixed bag, with a strong night’s racing on a heavy, wet track for the Hooligan (an Indian jamboree, these days) and Pro (=Expert Amateur) classes, followed by a filthy, cold washout on the Sunday for the Rookies, Thunderbikes (= converted roadsters, Yamaha 4-stroke powered Bikes, Rotax powered framers and generally anything that doesn’t belong anywhere else) and Vintage classes. I rode practice and one procession, you couldn’t call it a race, on my Yamaha TT500 and was quite happy not to do any more. The vintage were the fastest of the day, a mixed bag of two-strokes, BSA singles and Triumph twins.

The Hooligans were over to the Netherlands for Round 2 of their series at Lelystad. I didn’t go.

Round 2 (3 and 4 for the Hooligans) of the Championships at the Peterborough showground was a glorious weekend with bright sunshine and for once, some very good track preparation. Last year, The Showground was a heavy, thick, grossly over-watered mess but this year, they got it right. No 45s in evidence, but a number of Sportsters of various descriptions in the Hooligan and Vintage classes.

Tasty XR which was going well in the Pros ... 416_B1.jpg

AMA rider Johnny Lewis demonstrating the Indian FT750. JL is something of a regular at DTRA, comes over for the Festival and does some coaching days ... 083842.jpg

This is... well, it says on his helmet and you can just see the leg of his leathers... beautiful BSA provided by Frank Chatokine from France, went as well as it looks. A real gent, retired with “mechanical trouble” while leading the Vintage Final, didn’t lap anyone, shook hands and signed numberplates and books and generally made himself welcome ... _BE5_B.jpg

The Sportsters are frankly, off the pace these days. The Triumphs dominate the Vintage, the Yamaha and Rotax machines make the running in Thunderbikes and Indian have it all their own way in Hooligans. This dealer-sponsored XG was going well though.. ... _B79_C.jpg

Here’s the best of the ironheads. Twin plug ignition, 19” rims, rear disk to make sprocket changes easier and generally a tidy machine that starts reliably and goes well ... _A28_A.jpg

Nice Triumph under full chat.. ... 0_A350.jpg
Shoot, a man could have a good weekend in Dallas with all that stuff...

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