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AMCA expanding into Oklahoma

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Post Sun Feb 10, 2013 10:25 am

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There are hunderds if not thousands Antique & Vintage motorcycles in Oklahoma. Until now there has not been a successful effort to locate and organize them. Let's change that.
On February 16 & 17 at the Jeff Williams Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet at the Fairgrounds in Oklahoma City, members from the Cherokee Chapter (Texas) of the AMCA will join with Oklahoma antique bike owners in a display. According to AMCA records there are 80 National members in Oklahoma with no Local to affiliate with.
The Cherokee Chapter has been active in southern Texas, the chapter in northern Texas disbanded a while back. Recent efforts to revive this chapter were met with a larger challenge from AMCA National, Expand the established Cherokee Chapter into N Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana & maybe N Mexico. All these areas have National members not affiliated with any Local Chapter. They had a booth at a swapmeet in Arlington TX
the last Sunday of 2012, with only a few days to plan, their banner did not arrive on time to be displayed, still they signed 7 new members on-site and at least 3 more have joined since.
The February 16-17 showing in Oklahoma City will be a membership drive. You will have the opportunity to join AMCA National ($30 annual fee) and the Cherokee Chapter ($15 annual fee) There will also be flyers available for upcoming events, road runs, swap meets...where participation is planned. The Cherokee Chapter has promised to be more active in northern Texas and Oklahoma, adding the other States along the way.
If you live in Oklahoma, or attend the Jeff Williams Show. Stop by and introduce yourself, get on a contact list to be notified when meetings or riding events will be held. While this forum is hosted by a maker of parts for mostly Harleys & Indians, we welcome a makes!
old harley parts are MY 401K!

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