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2019 U.K. Flat Track season - more vintage bikes!

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So, it’s THAT time of year again! I’ve been to one practice day, going to another this weekend. First meeting is 13th/14th April at Kings Lynn, a track associated with the sport since its revival in UK in the early 2000s.

But what’s happening on the vintage front?

Some new bikes, for sure. A nice XR900 was shown at the Season Start at the Bike Shed, a London venue with a long connection with the sport. A couple of Bultaco Astros have made the crossing... they do well over here, on the tight speedway tracks. I’m hoping Ed Lonergan’s 750 Trackmaster Triumph has recovered from breaking a crank, last year.. there are a couple of “new” (to U.K.) Triumphs, too.

I'm aiming (again) to get the 45 out, sometime during the season. There are a couple of other flatheads and an Indian 741, converted to 600cc which has been around for a while, but never made the grid... I've been working on the Yamaha TT500 over the winter, should be a good campaign.

Indian look set to dominate the Hooligans again, I have to say.
Shoot, a man could have a good weekend in Dallas with all that stuff...

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