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New Superstock heads. Rockers Need Mod?

Post Sun Aug 05, 2012 7:01 pm

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Can anyone tell me a way to judge weather or not my rocker boxes need to be "cut" for use with my new S&S Superstock Shovel Heads?

The Boxes that I have are Vtwin 4 years old. Yeah I know I can't afford new boxes yet:(. I have installed them temporarily on the heads , and have not felt anything binding. No sign of the valve spring retainer touching the box. I have not run them, I don't want to fully assemble then find out I have a problem, then tear it all apart again. Did some test cutting on my old old chromed rocker boxes. The material is pretty hard. Is there a best method to cutting away some of the box? The install instructions do not list a best method. The height of the SS valve spring retainer is about 1/16th taller than the ones I had on the bike.


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Curious that this is an S&S sponsored board, and I am getting no responses on this question. ??

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Email this address for answers to your questions. Regards, Pa

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Thanks Pa . Will do.

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