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Reamer & hone for rod wrist pin bushing

Post Mon Feb 18, 2013 4:12 pm

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I am doing top end on my 1991 FLT. When inserting one piston pin in rod bushing, I got it cocked and ruined bushing. Have to replace bushing with rod in motor. My web reasearch shows I need Jims wrist pin bushing reamer and ball hone to use with electric drill. I have been told the Jims bushing reamer is not always needed, sometimes just hone. Is this true. If I heat rod end with heat gun, freeze bushing, and insert; it is possible I would not need to buy the Jims reamer. Rather spend the money on flathead parts. Also need to know good source to get hone, size hone, and grit. Any help appreciated.

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You may want to consider farming the job out to a competent shop. It is a fairly quick and easy job with the correct tools. Normally a new wrist pin bushing will need a considerable amount of material removed from the ID via a ream. Then is some cases a very small additional amount of material may need to be removed with a ball hone, but you will never remove enough with the ball hone without using a ream first.

I suspect you will find that heat alone will not get you there on the bushing installation. If you have a lathe you can make a tool to remove the old bushing and install the new one. Don't forget to check the bushing alignment to the case deck when you are done.

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