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Post Wed Feb 13, 2013 9:17 pm

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AS some people know I've been going thru the parts bin looking for XR parts. I have several hydraulic brake rearends in stages of assembly. One I took and removed the center section in order to straighten the axle tube. I talked to "GEORGE" the owner of ' THROTTLE MASTERS" about this and in the interim we never discussed reassembly. How does one index the center section housing to coorelate with the axle tube? ( In other words,how do you press the splines back together to ensure the three rivet holes line-up?,or make sure the chain doesn't chainsaw it's own clerance?) ALTHOUGH I have my own ideas on this subject, it would be interesting to hear some different opinions.

Post Tue Oct 19, 2021 6:57 pm

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This may not work on its own but when combined with other techniques might help. I would put the tubes in a freezer at least overnight maybe for a couple of days. Might think about putting the center section in an oven for a little while. Don't underestimate the effect of expanding and contracting metals. My grandfather taught me that, he was an iron worker and told me they used to keep huge rivets on dry ice so they could be installed in building frame work. It's a trick I've used when installing bushings or bearing races it makes them install easier, but admittedly I've never tried it on anything as large as the axle tubes on a rear end.


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