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45 Cylinder/head Drawing or Blueprint

Post Fri Sep 04, 2020 9:56 am

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Good day all! I was wondering if anyone has a detailed as possible dimentional drawing of the top of a cylinder so I can draw it up in Solidworks? Things like the head bolt pattern, cylinder bore location and valve head centerlines(standard WL) are much needed. My DRO took a crap on my mill so don't have the opportunity to do it manually. I have a crappy copy of a blueprint, but you can't read anything on there its so fuzzy. I'd like to be able to 3D print a few versions of heads and a dummy partial cylinder for flow testing as well as possibilities for custom copper head gaskets. I'd be willing to share my drawing files with anyone that could find them usefull...or if anyone has it already drawn up and willing to share that's even better... :D

I assume, maybe incorectly, that the front and rear dimensions are mirror images of themselves?

FYI, I'm pretty new here as far as posting. I'm a Texan that moved to Bergen, Norway about 15 years ago and starting my first full on 45 build and of course jumping in with both feet as I want to take it to Bonneville and race it, then have it as a street and racer over here on the flat tracks if I can find some. I appologize in advance for lots of stupid questions.


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