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Don't know if I want to associate with youall any more

Got a gripe or complaint about something or somebody? Throw your two cents in here. We want to hear what you have to say. No politics, keep it clean.

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Now that I know that you are all dangerous gang members! ... gang-list/
Oh wait so am I!

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Its not better in Europe, motorcycling events get cancelled all over the place because "safety risk"... We are so sooo dangerous! Badasses!

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Currently in the USA,

There is much heated dialogue about how minority races are singled out by law enforcement, right or wrong..

Even as a "white boy", I was raised to "shuffle my feet and scratch my head" long before I got into motorcycles...
and soon afterward I found it usefull insight to stay out of jail.

Even though not a "person of colour", I certainly understand "profiling"!
Once I was down on a squad car hood with a billyclub behind my ear, but twenty minutes later, the paddywagon and the rest were leaving me by my sidehack.
I respectfully asked the officer... "uh... was I going too fast?"

The reply was "You were at the wrong place at the wrong time."

Twasn't the only time...


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Gestapo...........NWO............plain and simple. You all know where we all stand in the eyes of NWO. Now let us refrain anymore from topics that lean even close towards politics. S&S does not permit topics which are political, or will eventually include politics, whether or not the original topics intention was to do so or not. We all know politics will eventually come up from such topics. One more tidbit of knowledge before I am eventually forced to lock this topic......Net neutrality scopes our conversations as well. Common sense is what we all need to utilize when discussing what may be considered political content, or may lead to political content. Common sense says tie nothing to you which, can be, and is, captured on the web, telephone, text messaging, etc.. USE COMMON SENSE !

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The story is a spoof. Google it.

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LarryP wrote:
The story is a spoof. Google it.

Google is just a search engine which picks up the hits on a subject or search in the order of priority of how the hits were listed. Money determines the list of hits from a search. The story may well be a spoof but there really is no concrete proof that it truly is a spoof. So called spoof sites may actually be damage control sites. We just don't know what to believe on the web. Truth can easily be turned into BS and BS can be easily turned into truth. It is unbelievable how so many take what snopes has to say as truth. What makes people think they can trust snopes ?

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Chris Haynes wrote:

Snopes always calls anything out of the mainstream BS.

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Where I am now living (Builth Wells, Wales) there are two regular large scale events. One is the Royal Welsh Show, where farmers from all over the country meet up to show off their pigs etc and to gaze at combine harvesters. The other is the "No Bull, Just Beer and Bikes" rally where loads of hairy-arsed bikers turn up on noisy bikes to get drunk and party. Guess which one makes the local shops board up their windows and close down for a week?

Wrong! It's the young farmers that cause all the trouble, the bikers are welcomed with open arms (and shops!) and everyone is happy!
The last man on earth will be riding a Harley.

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