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25329-91 air/oil seperator ?

Post Wed Nov 28, 2012 7:19 am

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I have the cam chest open on my 1991 FLTC (never opened before). The Harley 1991-1992 1340 Models Parts Catalog shows a air oil seperator 25329-91 (although mislabeled) in the Crankcase - Gear side sketch. It is a little thin plastic thing with baffles, I found a photo of it in the J&P Cycle online catalog. I cannot find one of these inside my disassembled cam chest. My Harley 1991 FLT/FXR Service Manual has sketch of open cam chest and shows no similar part nor describes removing or installing the part. Is there supposed to be one of these in my 1991 FLTC and were does it go? Any help appreciated, I do not want to have to take this thing apart again due to a missing part. Thanks!!

Post Tue Dec 04, 2012 12:51 pm

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That little plastic part was an attempt by Harley to reduce oil carry over in the breather. At best it did little or nothing. Use it on a performance engine of any kind (such as increased displacement) and it will result in restricting the breather system to the point of causing oil leaks from gaskets and o-rings. I would leave it out. It's position was inside the steel tube which protrudes from the cam cover.

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